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Chesterville town meeting is this evening

Apr 28, 201 6

The yearly town meeting will be held this evening at the town office, with homeowners enjoying the traditional Heritage Society supper before weighing in on $843,000 in proposed expenditures.

That would be roughly $40,000 less than the present, resulting in the town coming under the $510,000 LD1 Property Tax Levy Limit by $16,500. Public Works includes among the biggest reductions, from $437,000 down to $385,000, primarily through reductions in proposed equipment appropriations. That budget does include $100,000 in local appropriations, augmented by $42,000 in state funds to improve the north end of Zions Hill Road, as well as Chesterville Hill Road and then Borough Road, if financing permits.

One brand-new expense can be discovered on Article 38, where residents will be asked to raise and suitable an extra $5,000 in the Cemetery Maintenance line, on top of the common $4,000 for mowing. That $5,000 would be used for stone restoration, an expense that is advised by both the Selectboard and the Budget Committee.

Current occasions have rendered another potential expenditure, Article 45, unnecessary. That post would have covered the cost of changing the town office boiler for a quantity unknown at the time the warrant was printed. A repair company was rather able to get the boiler working through a relatively inexpensive repair, rendering Article 45 unnecessary.

The Selectboard has likewise included a potential change in the method the town gathers taxes, in order to assess the general public's interest. Short article 6 asks if the town "will discuss" altering from a single tax due date to 2 collection dates throughout the year. The article likewise asks citizens if they would have an interest in Rapid Renewal, an online automobile and trailer registration service that is offered through the state of Maine.

Elections were held back on March 14, when the town meeting was initially arranged to take location. Hold-ups in the budget process, in part associated with the town office's ailing boiler, resulted in the two-week hold-up.


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